Edge Corner Protector for Sharp Table Corner Guards High Resistant Adhesive for Baby Proof Protector Stop Child Head Injuries Furniture & Bed Room (12)

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Why your furniture needs edge covers?  You as a parent have run into your furniture’s edges in your life more times than you could count. Baby  have an enthusiastic brain,...

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Material: Table corner pack 12
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Why your furniture needs edge covers? 

You as a parent have run into your furniture’s edges in your life more times than you could count. Baby  have an enthusiastic brain, they want to explore and once they learn how to move, they become an unstoppable train. But this table corner could not get hurt.

They are constantly exposed to the danger of banging their head or hurting themselves from the edges. Our furniture edge covers are soft and minimize the damage immensely by absorbing the force to ensure your kids only feel the tickle.

Adhesive: Our furniture edge covers have super-strength and furniture-friendly adhesive that easily sticks to any furniture edges and doesn’t let go

Flexible: Not only are our 4x4 cm, L-shaped edge covers are compatible with most furniture like tv stand table , they’re also very flexible thanks to PVC material used

Durable: Made from a prime-quality of soft PVC resin material, Tony Stark’s furniture kitchen edge covers will protect your family for a long time

Transparent enough: Don't spoil the elegant look of the furniture. The transparent protectors preserve the natural look of the furniture and they are hard to spot by kids!

Bottom corner of the table: The comers of the tables under some cabinets are also very sharp places. Adults and children often hit their feet. Install our corner protectors for these places!

  • INSTALLATION TAKES ONLY 2 MINUTES: Securing your house has never been easier. Our easy-to-follow installation instructions ensure that your children are safeguarded right away. All of the components you'll need are pre-applied at the factory, including extra-strong adhesives; all you have to do now is remove the covering and put them on.
  • CLEAR, TRANSPARENT AND CLEAN: Because they are clear and transparent, you won't even know they're there after you put them on! They mix in seamlessly with your existing furniture, preserving its original appearance and feel.
  • SAFETY FIRST AND FOREMOST FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN: When it comes to your child's safety, don't take any chances! Our best-selling number one corner and edge premium guards provide three times the grip and comfort of competing products.
  • PRIORITIZING QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: To provide you complete piece of mind, our child-proof and high-grade corner guards arrive factory tested and made with only the best quality materials. After you've invested in corner guards, you can rest assured that your children will be safe and protected.
  • It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, odourless, dust-free, and does not get sticky after continuous usage, even in the heat of India. It is always advisable to take preventative measures to ensure the safety of infants. Let them be uninjured and free to crawl, walk, and experience the world.


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